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Different Types of Office Partitions and Advantages

by justi (follow)
Businesses all over planet use partitions in their office space. For that reason, office partition experts are employed. There is a vast confusion among people when it comes to choose the best office partition. Whether they choose glass, wood or the movable PVC partitions, they must look for the aesthetic value as well as the functionality of the partitions, and how they are a better option than the walls or the framed curtains. If you want to renovate your office, then it is better to consult about the materials and the designs with an office partitions expert.

office partitions

There are different types of Office Partitions as any Office Partition Expert explains:

Portable partitions: Portable partitions allow for more light to come through to the workspace.
Glass Partitions: Glass partitions can be moved around and changed so that they are more portable and easy to transfer.

Based on the type of Office Partitions the segregation is as follows:

Floor to Ceiling Partitions: These are also called as full height partitions and these are made of metal and these have the frame covered by cloth. These partitions can be moved from one place to another and are from floor to the ceiling. As the name suggests, these partitions form a fortification from the floor to ceiling, thus providing sound and sight insulation, and retaining the privacy of the employees.
Cubicles: These are called half eight partitions. They offer privacy and are the most common form of dividers. These are easy to move around with and normally there are 4 walls. The fourth wall is generally a half wall. The workspace consists of space for the computer, the work desk as well as other such items which are required.
Portable Office Partitions: These are normally mounted on rollers and these can be moved from one place to the other efficiently. These are quite flexible, as when you relocate or if you want to renovate your office and shift these partitions to somewhere else for the time being, then these are the best ones as suggested by the office partitions expert.
Accordion Walls: These are office partitions which are like portable partitions. They are from the floor to ceiling and they can be arranged in various ways.
Glass Partitions: These are made up as the name suggests of glass and aluminum. Sometimes there is a frame but most times, there is no frame to these. These partitions can be either full height from the floor to ceiling or it can be in half height. There are Venetia blinds which also can be installed. The reason is that the employee gets his or her privacy. Glass partitions can be framed, semi-framed or frameless, depending on the aesthetics of your office. These provide much insulation, and are easy to clean and maintain.

office partitions

The Office Partitions benefit the office in various ways:

They offer the employees privacy though the privacy can be of varying levels, yet there is some sort which is offered by each type of these partitions.
The employee feels comfortable and the employee does not feel pressured or does not feel that he or she is being cramped or that the next person is eating into his or her space.
Each employee is given his or her own space to work as and how he or she likes. Some like to customize their workspace and this is not possible without some sort of a demarcation in terms of a partition.
These are easy to install and to create. They do not cost a lot and they offer a number of benefits far outweighing the cost

Moreover, they come in a variety of designs, they come in a variety of colors, they can be customized, made to conform to a certain theme and various other such factors.
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